Latveria, We Bow Before Our Doom

from by Boffo Yux Dudes

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The honored anthem of Latveria, approved by it's esteemed enforced monarch, Victor von Doom.

Doom is the arch enemy of Reed Richards, Head of the legendary Fantastic Four.


Hail! Hail! Latveria!
Nestled on the Balkan shore
Genius leader plots our destiny
We are Doom forevermore!

From the fields of wheat we harvest
Or the death rays we build with care
Eve'rything we do for his glory
His loving wrath we must beware!

Richards must die
Richards must die
Richards must die
All Hail Doom!

There is nothing that we lack
Save for freedom, food and joy
We happily all serve his will
And the tortures he employs

From the death traps we build in the south
To the warheads of the west
We are instruments of his vengeance
We shall conquer every test!

Richards must die
Richards must die
Poke him in the eye
How tough could it be
To stop a rubber cement guy?
We'll make those four freaks
Break down and cry
All Hail Doom!

Hail Doom!


from SpinTunes Contest Songs, released August 10, 2010
Full Disclosure -

Original tune was created for SpinTunes #9: Round 1, released July 15, 2014. But it fit so well, and I liked it so much, I revived it for the Composer Quest Olympic contest!




Boffo Yux Dudes Boston

Old guys who should know better. The ones your parents warned you about. Allan Morgan and Tom Giarrosso head this version of BYD with Scott Mercer, using rabid optimism that they'll be remembered for more than just all those replays on Dr. Demento.

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